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India's Most Healing Turmeric

The high quality turmeric powder obtained from 100% natural turmeric fingers is a food grade, cosmetic grade and pharmaceutical grade. It is the most nutritional supplement with countless health benefits. The bulk usage of this herb has increased its demand worldwide. India is the leading Producer and producing high quality refined Turmeric Powder especially Food Grade, Cosmetics Grade & Pharmaceutical Grade for Export to leading buyers in the world. This Spice is one of the most essential and utilized for many purposes all around the globe. We, Amaour Food Processing and Spices Exports Pvt. Ltd. use high quality of raw material with highest standards of food security in collection, processing, vacuuming, production, packing and delivery. The sowing season of different places in India like Tamil Nadu, Telangana State, Maharashtra, Kerala, Meghalaya etc. which are the major states who are producing turmeric, extends from mid-March to mid-April and their crops are due in January & February.

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"I was looking for a good quality product since long and at last I able to locate Guaranteed Product from Amaour Spices Natural Turmeric Powder. The service and experience I had was amazing. I definitely give the excellent rating for such product"!!
Tripti Jain
"I have approached for distributorship and the response I received from Amaour Spices was quite good". Assurance for Guaranteed Product, on time delivery, simplified agreement and great deal".
Sachin Bavkar
"Excellent service by Amaour Spices especially for product quality, on time delivery with awesome Packaging"
Rahul Deve

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Our products are committed to creating a good Life for the individuals, communities & the planet. These communities use organic & sustainable methods that preserve nature’s goodness.

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We are supplying the bulk fresh and pure turmeric to Iran, South Korea, East Asia, Turkey, Japan, Germany, Europe, Russia, US and the UK. To ensure the most robust and distinctive taste of this herb, we do all the processing by adapting a six-tier approach to Total Quality Management (TQM). We, Amaour Food Processing and Spices Exports Pvt. Ltd. produce and export the bulk turmeric in both raw and powder forms.

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